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adopt the pace of nature

her secret is patience

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Graphics and icons by twinsfan33
Welcome to midnightwoods, the graphics journal of twinsfan33. I used to post icons at a journal called highwayicons, but I shut it down. Then I realized that I still wanted a place where I could post graphics now and again, so I made this community.I don't have a lot of rules, because people who have too many rules on LJ take themselves too seriously. Basically, enjoy my graphics and have fun with them. It would be nice if you didn't claim them as your own, but really, how am I going to stop you? I just hope you like my stuff.
I can't say what exactly you'll find here, because I don't know exactly what I'll be posting. I don't know how often I'll post, either. But I can probably promise some icons, some miscellaneous graphics, and maybe some requests if there are enough viewers.resources
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